The unique infrared experience for more training success and relaxation

Fitness, Wellness & Anti-Aging

Faster results. More health.

Train between 45 – 65°C infrared deep heat – completely without sauna effect

Those who already rely on the power of the BodyPhoton Cube

BodyPhoton Cube

Experience infrared deep heat up at a comfortable room temperature throughout the entire body

More training success. Regenerate more effectively. Faster results.

Let your customers train at up to 65°C infrared deep heat – in the world’s unique infrared chamber BodyPhoton Cube.

The vitalizing whole-body infrared deep heat of the BodyPhoton Cube can improve the cell health of the users, significantly reduce training time and increase performance by up to 30%. 

Stand out from the crowd and offer your customers a unique training experience for their health and fitness.

How the BodyPhoton Cube revolutionizes training, regeneration and rehabilitation

The many advantages speak for themselves

Anti-aging - Back pain - Sciatica - Lumbago - Rheumatism - Fractures - Muscle injury - Tendon rupture - Osteoarthritis - Immune system enhancement - Depression - Stress relief - Shoulder-arm syndrome - Tendonitis -

 Anti-aging - Back pain - Sciatica - Lumbago - Rheumatism - Fractures - Muscle injury - Tendon rupture - Osteoarthritis - Immune system enhancement - Depression - Stress relief - Shoulder-arm syndrome - Tendonitis -

How the Bodyphoton cube can be used in fitness studios, wellness and health centers

The BodyPhoton Cube is optimal for all stationary training activities in the field of fitness, wellness and lifestyle. Through the relaxing heat, the body can be simultaneously temperature optimized and the mind calmed. This leads to a more productive training and a more effective regeneration. At the same time, the infrared chamber also causes an increase in workout performance, allowing skin, weight and endurance problems to be addressed more quickly and effectively. The numerous positive effects make this miracle heat room versatile in all fitness facilities, wellness centers and spa areas.





Training in the BodyPhoton Cube is more efficient, more effective and healthier. Endurance and muscle strength are noticeably increased, even with less training time, without overstraining the body. On the contrary: users report a revitalizing effect during use.

The unique infrared technology shows positive effects on the human body even when not in use and relieves stress to a special degree. Thus, even during relaxation, the user can improve cellular health and enjoy the many positive effects.

The infrared light of the BodyPhoton Cube is particularly gentle on muscles, ligaments and tendons. This makes it suitable even after overexertion, injuries or rehabilitation. Even if only moderate sport is allowed due to the restriction, this is not a problem: The healthy infrared light of the chamber is perfect for all phases of regeneration.

  • Training
  • Relaxation
  • regeneration

What bodyphoton users say

BodyPhoton Outdoor

BodyPhoton’s room-in-room concept can also be used as desired in outdoor areas. This opens up completely new opportunities for you to use your outdoor area to generate profit.

The miracle of Viersen

See below the first experiences of various gym owners with the BodyPhoton Cube.

Would you like to experience the power of the BodyPhoton Cube in person? Please feel free to make an appointment on site in Sulzbach am Taunus (near Frankfurt am Main).

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How the BodyPhoton Cube works

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The effects of whole body infrared deep heat


Hemoglobin releases oxygen more easily


Lymph in the body flow faster

Cell membrane tension

Increase in cell membrane tension due to negative charge on the cell membrane.

Increase of body temperature

Immediate increase of the body temperature to 37 degrees instead of undertemperature

Bodyphoton Features

Worldwide unique

The whole-body deep heat application with homogeneous infrared light is available in this form only from us and represents a groundbreaking innovation for the entire market.

Wide range of applications

The BodyPhoton Cube is versatile and can be used for fitness, competitive sports, wellness and medical applications.

Equipment & Entertainment

A soundproofed training room paired with high-quality equipment and a high-tech entertainment system packaged in a modern design.


Perfect for any interior. The size and color of the BodyPhoton Cube is flexibly adapted to your premises.

Any size

You have limited space in your facility? The BodyPhoton Cube can be adapted to any area between 4 and 36 m².



Fitness, Wellness & Gesundheit

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Vorteile Infrarottiefenwärme

Gesundheit ist die Fähigkeit zur Selbstregulation Deines Körpers


Pro sports

Fitness, wellness & health

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Advantages infrared therapy

Health is the abilityto self-regulate your body