Hygiene concept

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Hygiene concept for maximum safety

Supply and exhaust air system

Supply and exhaust air system with 3-stage filter system for effective suction and filtration of viruses, bacteria, aerosols and (fine) dust in the room air.

Adjustable partitions

Adjustable partition walls enable several people to train in different areas of the BodyPhoton Cube at the same time in compliance with the contact regulations by using separate entrances and exits.

Traceable bookings

The electronic Gantner access system enables controlled and always traceable training in the BodyPhoton Cube. Tracking of users by name and time is guaranteed. Tracking of users by name and time is guaranteed.

Separate rooms & proven 4 filter system

The BodyPhoton Cube as a flexibly positionable, self-contained chamber (“room-in-room”, flexibly erectable and dismantleable) enables separate and protected training of members and users. The BodyPhoton Cube completely surrounds exercisers with a homogeneous, healthy infrared deep heat field with a bioavailable, constant and uniform wavelength, tailored to the human body. All members train individually inside the chamber with the door closed.

The infrared deep heat field strengthens the body’s own cell health, significantly improves the immune system of the exerciser and leads to a considerably faster breakdown of aerosols in the BodyPhoton Cube.

The proven 4-filter system consisting of: G3 pre-filter – HM Blue Line filter (Hepa) – AC Pleated filter – Silver ion mat

A specially developed supply and exhaust air system ensures continuous filtration of viruses, bacteria, aerosols and (fine) dust.

Variable partition walls can also be set up in the BodyPhoton Cube as required. Thus, if allowed, training of several persons in separated areas of the BodyPhoton Cube with separate entrance and exit is possible at the same time while observing the contact regulations.

Now new: The BodyPhoton Cube can also be used outside as an outdoor variant.

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