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BodyPhoton Cube

Infrared deep heat up at a comfortable room temperature
in the whole body

Improve cell health - all without increased personnel costs

Thanks to the patented technology of the BodyPhoton Cube, you can expand your treatment with the unique whole-body infrared therapy and further support the self-regulation of patients – without the need for new personnel.

In contrast to the general punctual infrared therapies, the BodyPhoton Cube has a homogeneous effect on the entire body.

Numerous long-term studies have already proven the positive aspect of infrared therapy. However, the BodyPhoton Cube makes it possible to use the power of infrared radiation even more effectively to open up further fields of elite sports, medicine and the private sector.

This means that infrared therapy can now also be used for widespread common diseases (such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis and similar).

What infrared therapy can be used for

Heart Disease

Improved heart function

(in comparison e.g.. “Far Infrared effects … Patients with Chronic Heart”, Takashi Kihara, MD, Sadatoshi Biro, MD, “Waon therapy…chronic heart failure”, Takashi Kihara, Masaaki Miyata)

High blood pressure & blood circulation

Optimizes blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation

(in comparison e.g.. “Clinical Implications…Lifestyle-Related Diseases”, Sadatoshi Biro, Akinori Masuda, Medical Report Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein)


Significant pain relief

(in comparison e.g.. “The analgesic effect…total knee arthroplasty”, Ching H. Wong, Leou C. Lin, Medical Report Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein)


Helpful during acute illness, preventive care and aftercare

(in comparison e.g.. Case Report Akira Akeuchi, “Biological effects…of infrared radiation”, Shang-Ru Tsai, PhD and Michael R. Hamblin, PhD)


Pain and stiffness significantly decreased

(in comparison e.g.. “Infrared…arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis”, Fredrikus G.J. Oosterveeld, Johannes J. Rasker, Medical Report Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein)

Physical disabilities

Significant improvements in physical disabilities, e.g. wheelchair users

(in comparison e.g.. “Effects…patients with severe motor and intellectual disabilities”, Iiyama J., Matsushita K., )

Anti-aging - Back pain - Sciatica - Lumbago - Rheumatism - Fractures - Muscle injury - Tendon rupture - Osteoarthritis - Immune system enhancement - Depression - Stress relief - Shoulder-arm syndrome - Tendonitis -

 Anti-aging - Back pain - Sciatica - Lumbago - Rheumatism - Fractures - Muscle injury - Tendon rupture - Osteoarthritis - Immune system enhancement - Depression - Stress relief - Shoulder-arm syndrome - Tendonitis -

How the BodyPhoton Cube works

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The effects of whole body infrared­deep­heat.


Hemoglobin releases oxygen more easily


Lymph in the body flow faster

Cell membrane tension

Increase in cell membrane tension due to negative charge on the cell membrane.

Increase of body temperature

Immediate increase of the body temperature to 37 degrees instead of undertemperature

Bodyphoton Features

Worldwide unique

The whole-body deep heat­application with homogeneous infrared light is available in this form only from us and represents a groundbreaking innovation for the entire market.

Wide range of applications

The BodyPhoton Cube is versatile and can be used for fitness, competitive sports, wellness and medical applications.

Equipment & Entertainment

A soundproofed training room paired with high-quality equipment and a high-tech entertainment system packaged in a modern design.


Perfect for any interior. The size and color of the BodyPhoton Cube is flexibly adapted to your premises.

Any size

You have limited space in your facility? The BodyPhoton Cube can be adapted to any area between 4 and 36 m².

Worldwide unique

This whole-body deep heat application with homogeneous infrared light is only available from us in this form and represents a groundbreaking innovation for the entire market.

Infrared effect confirmed by studies

The healthy, vitalizing infrared deep heat is scientifically and medically proven. However, the BodyPhoton Cube allows the user to perform exercises during the application.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to the simple "room-in-room" concept of the BodyPhoton Cube can be customized in any size between 4 and 36m².



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Vorteile Infrarottiefenwärme

Gesundheit ist die Fähigkeit zur Selbstregulation Deines Körpers



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Fitness, wellness & health

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Advantages infrared therapy

Health is the abilityto self-regulate your body

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