The world innovation. More power. Less injuries. Faster rehab.


Faster results. More health.

Exercise between 45 – 65°C infrared deep heat – completely without sauna effect

Who already relies on the power of the BodyPhoton Cube

BodyPhoton Cube

Experience infrared deep heat up
to 65°C throughout the entire body
at a comfortable room temperature

Make the most of every second of your workout

Train due to the unique BodyPhoton technology at up to 65°C infrared deep heat throughout the body.

Experience an unprecedented training opportunity. The patented whole-body infrared technology lets you take advantage of every second – even during your workout break.

More performance. Less injuries. Faster rehab. Suitable for all sports.

Cube sizes 4 to 36m²

Reference ONE of ELEVEN 8m² Cube

"The BodyPhoton Cube is a real innovation in the field of top sports and beyond. Training in the Cube achieves the elementary aspects in competitive sports, namely - performance enhancement, injury prevention and acceleration of rehabilitation time. Our athletes and those of our partners are enthusiastic. Every professional club as well as we place a very high value on always finding ways for our athletes to always be able to call up a few more percentage points of performance - this can be achieved with the Cube."

Nouri Seddiki
Founder of ONE of ELEVEN

The Innovative Training & Therapy­possibility for top-class sports.

Reach your goals 

Worldwide studies confirm the effectiveness of the BodyPhoton Cubs infrared technology. Due to the unique technology, endurance can be increased, muscle building promotedt and rehabilitation accelerated.

30 minutes of training in BodyPhoton Cube replace 2 hours in ordinary training room. 

The revitalizing full-body infrared deep heat also works when no exercises are being performed. This means that you also benefit from the use of the BodyPhoton Cube during breaks in training.

Once the desired infrared depth heat is set, the body temperature automatically adjusts to an optimal level. This not only prevents injuries, but also immediately ensures noticeably more stretchable muscles, fasciae and tendons.

  • much faster
  • with less time
  • performance optimized
  • body-friendly

BodyPhoton Cube

Worldwide unique. Worldwide patented.

Injury prevention & rehab - reinvented

*possible application areas

How rehabilitation is revolutionized

The BodyPhoton Cube can be used not only to increase performance and shorten training time, but also significantly improve the rehabilitation of athletes after injury.

Its unique technology can effectively support the following aspects.

Prevention of generalized deconditioning due to the forced break in training (such as VO2max, muscular and cardiovascular endurance and peak performance, etc.)

Support of the natural self-regulation of the musculoskeletal system, in particular the muscles, fasciae and ligaments as well as the natural lymphatic flow.

The best possible trade-off between minimal mechanical stress and the desired maximum training effect in order to significantly shorten the necessary "training" phase

Bodyphoton Features

Worldwide unique

The whole-body deep heat&ashy;application with homogeneous infrared light is available in this form only from us and represents a groundbreaking innovation for the entire market.

Wide range of applications

The BodyPhoton Cube is versatile and can be used for fitness, competitive sports, wellness and medical applications.

Equipment & Entertainment

A soundproofed training room paired with high-quality equipment and a high-tech entertainment system packaged in a modern design.


Perfect for any interior. The size and color of the BodyPhoton Cube is flexibly adapted to your premises.

Any size

You have limited space in your facility? The BodyPhoton Cube can be adapted to any area between 4 and 36 m².

Worldwide unique

This whole-body deep heat application with homogeneous infrared light is only available from us in this form and represents a groundbreaking innovation for the entire market.

Infrared effect confirmed by studies

The healthy, vitalizing infrared deep heat is scientifically and medically proven.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to the simple "room-in-room" concept, the BodyPhoton Cube can be customized to any size between 4 and 36m².



Fitness, Wellness & Gesundheit

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Training, Therapie & Rehabilitation in der Infrarot-Ganzkörper-Tiefenwärmekabine BodyPhoton Cube

Innovative Trainings- und Therapiemöglichkeiten für den Spitzensport

Der BodyPhoton Cube unterstützt deine Ziele auf eine revolutionäre Weise


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Fitness, wellness & health

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