Get to know the BodyPhoton Cube


Faster results. More health.

Any size

The BodyPhoton Cube can be adapted to all areas between 6 and 32 m².

Free choice of color

You can design your cube in any color you like.

Outdoor & indoor version

No space in the interior? With the outdoor version, you bring innovation to your outdoor area.

Any partition walls

The partition walls within the BodyPhoton Cube can be moved as desired.


4 to 36m²

ColorFree choice of colour
Power consumption3,6 kw / h
TemperatureInfrared deep heat: freely selectable
Room temperature: pleasant
OperationHeavy current or 2 sockets with separate circuits
TechnologyPhotons, infrared
MultimediaSound system, projector, full screen projection, 3D sound system, Bluetooth, HDMI 4K UHD, LAN, TV
Special featuresTRX-Point, soundproof, back-friendly training area

Bodyphoton features

Unique in the world

This whole-body deep heat application with homogeneous infrared light is only available in this form from us and represents a groundbreaking innovation for the entire market.

Wide range of applications

The BodyPhoton Cube is versatile and can be used for fitness, competitive sports, wellness and even medicine.

Equipment & entertainment

A soundproofed training room paired with high-quality equipment and a high-tech entertainment system packed in a modern design.

Any size

Perfect for any facility. The size of the BodyPhoton Cube is flexibly adapted to your premises.

Any size

You have limited space in your facility? The BodyPhoton Cube can be adapted to any area between 4 and 36 m².

Individually adaptable for every use

The BodyPhoton Cube can keep the room temperature at a comfortable level at all times, regardless of the infrared power. Unlike classic infrared therapy, the BodyPhoton Cube works homogeneously over the entire skin surface in a narrow-band infrared field, which prevents the usual sauna effect. 

The whole-body infrared deep heat temperature can be adjusted thereby by the user, independently of the room temperature, variably according to desire and well-being.

To keep the power consumption over the day as low as possible, an automatic power saving system is also built into each BodyPhoton Cube.

BodyPhoton Outdoor

BodyPhoton’s room-in-room-concept can also be used in any exterior area This opens up completely new opportunities for you to use your outdoor area to generate profit.